"Do not stop the movement to find Peacefulness, find Peacefulness within the movement" (Chinese Proverb)

Life is movement.
Everything is rhythm. 
Perperpetual Movement as Poetry.

Around us, seasons, planets, vibratory oscillations of light and sounds change, move or get dispersed

Within us, our heartbeats, breathing patterns create the rhythm of the body and allow harmony and evolution.

Join Till Heeg & friends for a week of learning, growth, and meditation in the ancient redwood forests above Santa Cruz, CA as we dive together deeper into the practice of Thai Yoga Massage with study and practice of advanced Dynamic Techniques. 

Join us in Sangha for six days and seven nights of
- Daily forest bath meditation & morning yoga
- Dynamic Thai Massage Course with Till Heeg & Friends
- Chanting, Kirtan, and Camprife Songs
- Daily Shared Vegetarian Meals Included
- Optional Forest Hiking Adventures
- Thai Herbal Steam Bath
- Fire Ceremony
- Camping or Dorm Accommodations Included!

Dynamic Thai Massage is the poetry of perpetual movement where giver and receiver enter in resonance and harmony to be ONE with the rhythm of Life.

About Dynamic Thai Massage

Dynamic Thai Massage is an inspiration of Ajahn Chaiyuth Priyasith‘s Traditional Thai Massage with an incorporation of Osteopathic principles and techniques. 

Dynamic Thai Massage is based on gentle rocking, oscillatory and harmonic movements of the different body parts to restore lost rhythm.

For the giver, Dynamic Thai Massage is the opportunity…
…to improve fluidity, precision, and transitions in the massage
…to be creative, joyful and happy while working,
…to develop his/her touch while working on the mechanic, liquid, and energetic levels.

For the receiver, Dynamic Thai Massage is a chance…
…to recover mobility and freedom in the musculoskeletal system,
…to improve the fluid circulation (blood and lymphatic systems),
…to re-establish a good energetic circulation,
…to release the nervous system.

This six-day course will provide new therapeutic tools and techniques to cover the full body, with the main focus on: 
- Restoring movement to the spine
- Opening the Ribcage and liberating the breathing
- Working the line with rocking techniques
- Bringing back mobility in the main joints

This course is intended for experienced bodyworkers and movement artists.  

About Till Heeg

Till Heeg is a certified physiotherapist from southern Germany who has been practicing, studying, and teaching Thai Yoga Massage since 2003. He has traveled and lived extensively in Thailand, India and Greece to study with many great teachers. Till is renowned for his lovely and kind being, his soft touch and deep trust in life.

Being certified by the Sunshine Network, he teaches Basic and Advanced Thai Yoga Massage courses around the world, respecting the ancient roots of this very special healing art while being open-minded about the influence and inspiration that enriches his practice – whether it comes from clients, students, friends, family or other teachers.