A full day workshop of Thai Massage at Altus in Santa Monica

1934 14th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404-4605, United States

August 10th 11.30-5.30pm

We celebrate summer and harvest time in in this workshop by engaging the fire and earth elements, in the dance of Thai massage.

We stoke fire by tending to the meridians of the heart ("the emperor") and small intestine (the seat of intuition). The warmth and sunshine of summer give us an opportunity to fully celebrate life in its most abundant expression, but we must tend to our inner fire to be able to embrace all that is offered. Earth energy is strongest at harvest time, late summer, and is all about nourishment (stomach and spleen meridians).

When our fire element is out of balance, summer can be a time of hyperactivity, anxiety, restlessness, a lack of joy, and even apathy. If earth is out of balance, we may experience too much or too little appetite, poor digestion, fatigue, and a tendency to worry.

Join us to slow down, find balance between action and being, giving and receiving. We refuel our internal heat and nurture our creative energies so that we may participate fully once again in the abundance that surrounds us.

In this workshop we will open the heart space, freeing up the problem areas of the shoulders and chest, working the neck and head and exit pathways through the hands, making space for joy. We also create groundedness by clearing stagnation from the legs and belly.

A full day of giving and receiving will leave you full of joy and light.

$100 for the first 4 people,
$120 for the second 4 people,
$150 for the last two
Venmo Sonia Peltzer or Sarah Yovovich

11.30 - 5.30, with a short break for a pot luck lunch.

SPACE LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS so this will be an intimate group with lots of individual attention. let us know asap if you want to join!

Sonia and Sarah have been teaching together since 2010. They love few things more than co-teaching Thai massage! Sarah began studying massage after a knee injury in 2003 with a year-long program in Chicago. In 2007, she discovered the magic and ease of Thai Massage and never turned back. Sonia also discovered Thai Massage in 2007 and traveled the world studying and sharing this beautiful therapy. Both have trained at the Thai Massage circus in Laos under the lineage of Asokananda and have continued to study with many renown teachers around the world, as well as through their healing practices as therapists. See more about them here: