Hi !

My name is Sonia Peltzer :

Climbing - Yoga - AcroYoga - Thai Massage - Handstands - Adventure

You could say I was imported from the French Alps, and have aged in the California Sierras.

If you've ever met me, you may have noticed I love being upside-down. I was a gymnast growing up, and my mom introduced yoga to the family when I was in highschool. Since 2007, Yoga and AcroYoga have shaped my life in many ways. These practices gave me a home, friendships around the world, and tools to live my life to the fullest.

As well as an abundance in community and human connection, my path has been enriched by training and learning various disciplines with many master teachers. My yoga practice is a culmination of experiences founded in Anusara alignment and the grace of Shadow Yoga. Since discovering AcroYoga in 2007, I have also specialized in handstand training and partner acrobatics, alongside pursuing deeper studies in Thai massage. Acrobatics, and more recently rock climbing, has fed my playful nature and desire to connect to others and feel strong in my body and mind. Thai massage and nature time feed my meditative soul and the profound need for healing, softness, and slowing down. In 2012, this journey lead me to Thailand and Laos for some advanced courses with teachers from around the world under the lineage of Pichest Boonthumme and Asokananda. My Thai massage practice has also been influenced by European and American teachers who introduced Chinese Five Element Theory, Cranio Sacral, Osteopathy and Shiatsu. I find balance in my life through these practices and by taking every chance to be outdoors, often rock climbing, hiking, biking, camping, swimming in the ocean, and anything else that connects me to nature, my biggest source of inspiration.

I am currently a Single Pitch Instructor with the AMGA and Wilderness First Responder. The mountains are where I feel most alive and I love to share that experience with others.

One of my homes is LA, though I love to travel and connect with people around the world. This is what lead me to Nicaragua from 2008 - 2010 working with the Peace Corps, and what propels me now to travel and teach specifically in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. When I am in LA, I offer privates and special workshops, trainings and nature retreats. I teach in English, Spanish and French, and travel for AcroYoga immersions, festivals, teacher trainings, and projects to share these practices for free in communities that need them. I hope to meet you and learn about you somewhere on or off this wild road. Please contact me if you want to hire me, go on an adventure, have questions, or just want to say hello :)