Giving & Receiving Presence with Sarah Yovovich & Sonia Peltzer

$120/person or $180/pair
11am-6pm with a 1 hour lunch break.
Space is very limited in this intimate workshop, at a quiet private residence in Pasadena. Please email for payment and to reserve your spot!


Thai massage is about doing less and feeling more; a meditation on presence and unconditional loving kindness. It sounds simple -- and it is -- but it's not always easy. It's a journey about connection, about self-love, about being held and nurtured in each other's presence.

This is what we will practice as we surrender into each other's touch. On the ground, we connect to Earth with Thai massage, and in the Sky on each other's feet, we find freedom in flight. Be supported, lifted, rejuvenated.

A perfect treat to culminate the year and nurture yourself during the holiday crazies.

You will be guided to give and receive several Thai sequences, including supine (on your back) and sidelying, connecting to the sweetness of your inner therapist. Then you'll fly to complete the surrender into Happyland.

Bring a friend or make one there!