• LA Boulders (map)
  • 1375 E 6th St #8,
  • Los Angeles, CA 90021
  • USA


    Seen people do this? wanted to try? here is your chance, join Sonia & Casey to take flight!
AcroYoga blends the wisdom of Yoga, the loving touch of Thai massage, and the power of Acrobatics. This workshop will introduce how to use the structure of your body to lift others up. While rock climbing uses pulling muscles, AcroYoga focuses on how to press and pour weight. Come challenge your balance and work together with the base and flyer to find stability and ease. Like climbers, acroyogis like to get high and go upside down. Not only are inversions a great full body toning exercise, in AcroYoga they are therapeutic for your strong shoulder muscles. Whether you are an experienced inverter or have never tried, you will find the support you need to have fun upside down. No AcroYoga workshop is complete without Thai massage. Touch is an incredible tool to relax the nervous system and deepen our relationships, especially in today’s cyber society. Bring a friend or meet one there. 

Come get high with a little help from your friends at Hollywood Boulders


FREE FOR MEMBERS or price of day pass ($20)