Divine Play Friday Day long Intensives  

Intro to Your AcroYoga Adventure: Peaks, Valleys and Riverbeds

All Levels

Don’t want to choose between acrobatics and Thai massage? Neither do we, that’s why we love AcroYoga! This workshop will include it all: an introduction to L-basing, standing acrobatics, therapeutic flying and the best Thai massage! Join us on this full spectrum exploration of the practice and the blessing of community. We will use the morning to connect our playful spirits with the wisdom of our bodies in partner calibrations, inversions and L- basing challenges. This will culminate with an introduction to the world of standing acrobatics with some simple foundations and learning the role of spotters to safely raise each other to new heights. After we enjoy the highs and peaks of acrobatics, and munch down on lunch, we will continue our path meandering into the therapeutic world. Give and receive some gentle flying releases, and finally surrender fully to mother Earth exploring touch through hands, feet and more sharing the gift of Thai massage. Take this day to ground, balance and adventure in divine play!

Prerequisite - None